Shave Without Clogging Your Drain - Fix the Issue

Beards can go in and out of style, but one problem remains constant, which is clogged drains. Not only clogged drains anger your spouse, but they can also cost your money and time. 

It is the story of every man. And you can relate to it if it is like nothing can prevent the bathroom from getting covered in hair after everyday shaving and trimming. No matter how hard you try not to make a mess, stray hair is always left behind. 

And inevitably, you find bathroom drain pipes clogged the next day. However, it is not the end of the story. But, you can put an end to all of this by following these single steps. Not only will these steps save you time and energy, but they also protect you from the vengeance of your angry spouse. So, if thinking about it makes you feel relieved, let's try some practicals. 

  • The first and foremost thing that you have to do is to cover the sink. It is the ultimate solution to the stray hair problem. However, no towel, no toilet paper, or plastic bag is an ideal candidate for the covering job because all of these items tend to slip and increase the cleaning job for you. 

You can relate to this situation if you have tried them before. So, what then? Our men's beard hair catcher can play this part perfectly. You unfold it, place it, and once done, throw it. Our catcher sticks to the sink does not slip and catches all the trimmed hairs. Cover the sink entirely once you are done and move to the next step. To know how to use beard timing liner efficiently, click here

  • For the next step, remember trimming always comes before using a razor. Going for timing first helps you to collect all the errant hair first, which mostly are ones to spread all over the sink. The razor will trim down the short hairs. Short hair usually has more bulges than hair errant so that they will fall directly onto our shaving hair catcher. 
  • Now, this point is not a step but more of a recommendation. It is about taking a shower after trimming or shaving your beard. After doing your beard, not all the hairs go down into the sink. Some cling to your chest and neck too. So, don't make the mistake of going into the shower as these hairs will eventually travel to the drains. 

You might think about how these few hairs can clog the drain? But never underestimate the power of stray hair. The hairs hold the potential to stick to a surface. 

They do not get washed with water easily. Once, therefore, they find their way to drain the pipe, they can attach themselves to it and start stopping the soapy solutions. Few hairs and soap water make the perfect recipe for clogging the drain. With that, you can consider the point of not going to shower right after beard trimming.

  • Instead, what you can do is use a dry hand towel or tissues to wipe down all the hairs from your neck and chest. And then go and take your hair-free bath.  
  • The next thing that you can take care of is not to wash over these disposable plastic sink covers. Avoid doing this because this action will put you on square one. With water, hair can slide from the trimming liners when you try to fold it. And You never know if they may find their way to sink to the surface again. 
  • Finally, once you finish trimming your beard, carefully fold the liners. To fold the liner, pick the one end of the liner slightly, fold it inward toward the center, but hold the end in your hand. Now subsequently do this with the other end of the liner and create a pouch. Then, take this pouch straight to the dustbin, leaving no spot for trimming. 
  • You can place the liner in your regular dustbin, as these liners are not made of thermoset plastic but of Oxo-Biodegradable polymer. The material of the liner makes it easy for them to break down in the environment. This means by using these liners, not only you save the drain piper from clogging but also our mother nature from pollution. If you like to know more about our grooming kits, click here

These are tips that can succor you from all the mess. With these tips, leave no spot for beard trimming. Let your partner guess about your beard trimming by glancing at your beard, not at the sink or bathroom floor. 

Our disposable beard hair catcher is one solution for all the mens out there. But, just like the hair, you don't have to underestimate our liners too. Women can also use our liners to cover the dressing table while makeup or cover the bathroom while having a grooming section.