Disposable Beard Trimming Liners- Let's Not Make Mess

How to trim your beard without creating an ugly mess so that wives, girlfriends, boyfriends, and significant others won't suffer from your reckless hair removal? If you don't know the reliable answer, don't worry. Today we will tackle the issue here. 

Trimming a beard is a chore of personal grooming, and it requires some preventive measures at the beginning to avoid the irritating clean-up job at the end. 

So, what are the solutions we have? Disposable beard trimming liners are clever and creative solutions to the vexing issue. Trimming liners is an ideal way to manage stray hairs. Let's find out how. 

Only Need A Minute To Apply- 

Applying beard trimming liners on the sink will cost you much less time than cleaning the whole mess afterward. You need only one or two minutes to apply it over the countertop or sink. 

Our trimming liner makes the applying job even easier for you. You can apply it gently on each side of the countertop to cover the whole countertop properly. And then you are good to go. Once you are done with trimming, remove it from the countertop, fold it inward to wrap in all the hair and toss it in the dustbin. Isn't it easy? 

And the best part about using it is that the liner can fit on any countertop size. Each of the linear measures 38 x 26 inches, so you don't have to worry about finding the correct size. 

Environment Safe- 

We care for our environment and take full individual responsibility to protect it. And that is why our trimmies are made of oxo-biodegradable polymers, which are eco-conscious materials that are easy to decompose, unlike plastic. 

Oxo-biodegradable materials of our beard trim hair catcher allow it to be completely broken when it comes in contact with oxygen or heat. This means the life of a trimming liner is as long as the time it spends on your countertop. Once it has reached your dustbin, it will slowly start to decompose into natural matters. 

Stick To The Counter Top- 

Trimmies will leave your sink completely dry and with no single hair. Because our trimmies come with a plant-based adhesive, when you apply the liner over the countertop, it will temporarily attach itself to the counter's surface using the adhesive. Adhesive also makes it easy to remove. You can start by removing it from one corner of the countertop and folding it slowly toward the center point. After that, repeat the same process with the other three corners and create a pouch so that no hair can fall out from it and make its way to the dustbin. 

Again keeping our environment in mind, we have used plant-based adhesives, both sustainable and biodegradable. 


Our trimmies are made of finer quality, so the liner will not tear apart while you're applying it. Its oxo-biodegradable material makes it strong enough to catch the hairs and then take them to the dustbin straight. 

Save The Drains- 

If you are a person who lets his trimming go down the drain, go with god. But, you need to realize one thing: shorter or less-coarse hair is less likely to cause any blockages in the drain line, but if you have very thick beard hair, beware of the clogged drain. Using our beard trimming bib can save you from the drastic effect of drain blockage while also helping you have a hustle-free streaming session. 


Every valuable thing does not have to be expensive. The same goes for our trimming liners. The liner provides a simple, quick way to clean your counter topic, but it also is cost-effective. A pack comes with 15 liners which can make enough stock for up to 7 months. 

Easy To Store- 

To store the trimming liner, you don't have to make a special place. You can stock them anywhere you like.  

KeyTake TakeAways- 

  • Trimmies save you from the mess that is caused after every trimming session. 
  • Their eco-conscious material makes them easily disposable and environmentally friendly. 
  • Trimming liners saves you time because they are easy to apply, use, and remove. 
  • And for the fun fact, trimming liner also keeps your wife, girlfriend, and other people happy. 

Trimmies is our small effort to make beard trimming easy and a less time-consuming task while not imposing any negative strain on your environment. So, be sure to try and trim the hair clutter away from your beard and sink.