The Ultimate Guide For Disposable Trimming Liner

Beared are roaring these days, whether styled or scruffy, whether among college hipsters or office employers.  

Now beard styles come every day, but one thing stayed common, the left-behind mess after the beard trimming. There are many tools to help clean this mess, but none of them is more practical than beard trimmers. 

A disposable trimming liner solves the most familiar situation every man has to face after a beard trimming session of stray hairs, clogged drain, and beard clippings. And on top of that, with them, you don't have to fear anymore that your spouse will find out about all the mess. 

Along with the trimmies, another benefit is that they are easy to use and dispose of. And here, we will be a briefing on how to use the trimmies effectively so that not a single stray hair could be left behind. 

Using The Trimming Liners 

If you are using the trimming liners for the first time, here are the steps that you can follow- 

  • Open The Pack- 

    • One trimming liner pack comes with 15 liners, and surely you don't want to take all the liners out at once. Therefore, it becomes really important that you open that pack properly. 

    • To open the pack, grab it with both of your hands. 

    • Then, clutch the sides of the pack and slowly tear the cover from the center of the front.

    • Tearing it out from the center prevents all the liner from coming out at one time, but it will give you enough passage to extract a liner from the pack.

  • Unfold The Liner- 

All the liners come folded. So, grab a liner and unfold it gently.

  • Peel The Covering Of Each Adhesive- 

On every side of the disposable beard trimming liners, you will see an adhesive covering. Peel off the cover of adhesive from each side of the liner before attaching the liner over the sink. 

  • Cover The Sink- 

The next step is to cover the sink. Gently place the liner with the adhesive side facing down to cover your countertop entirely while allowing a slight plunge in the liner to stock all the hairs during trimming. 

  • Dispose Of The Liner- 

After you finish your grooming session, now it's time for you to toss it into the dustbin. The liners are not made of plastic but the oxo- biodegradable polymers. So, you are not harming nature by placing it into the dustbin. 

Know More About The Oxo- Biodegradable Polymers- 

Plastic doesn't break easily in the natural environment, but it is durable compared to any other material. Oxo-Biodegradable polymers are made of plastic plus oxidative compounds. Oxidative helps the plastic break into small pieces and then biodegrade into the environment. 

Benefits OF The Disposable Trimming Liners- 

  • Saves Time- 

The liners save you all the time you otherwise have to spend cleaning the trimmed hairs. So, now you can do your beard just in time without caring about cleanliness. 

  • Easy To Dispose of- 

After using the liner, you can straight take it to the dustbin to dispose of it. Its biodegradable material imposes no harm on nature and breaks easily.

  • Plant Based Adhesive- 

The adhesive used for the liners is free from any animal cruelty. We have used plant-based adhesives, which are also safe for nature.  

  • Prevent Clogging The Drain Pipes- 

No matter how badly you try, some stray hairs will find their way to drain pipes. Liner lets you cover the sink or countertop adequately so that no single hair can reach the sink and then the drain pipes. 

  • Not Expensive- 

One trimmies pack comes with the 15 liners, which makes the stock for almost your 15 beard trimming sessions, which lasts up to 4 months. One package is not going to cost you much, but it's worth more than the hassle of cleaning the leftover hairs. 

  • Universal Size- 

Each liner measures 38 x 26 inches which means it can easily cover your complete countertop and even straddle. So when you are buying the trimming liners, you don't have to care about the size. 

  • Easy To Store- 

The liner comes folded in a small pack, so you can store it on the mirror counter without wasting any space. 

  • Not Only Limited To The Beard Trimming- 

The usage of the liner can go far from the beard trimming sessions. Ladies can also use it to cover the dressing table or countertop. It can also be used as a floor during the body grooming session. You can place it on the bathroom floor to collect all the body hairs so as not to leave any mess behind.

You can say no to chaos in the bathroom or on your makeup vanity with the trimming. Their biodegradable material and easy-to-use feature make them an ideal choice for every household. So, if you would like to buy these liners beard trimming accessories, please visit our store. And order your pack now.